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Weird City Taxidermy

US sales only. International orders are not accepted.

We no longer accept pets for processing of any kind. Thank you for understanding.

Listed prices do not include TX sales tax (8.25%). A 50% deposit is due before work begins, usually at the time your animal is dropped off. We accept cash, card, checks, and electronic payments through PayPal.

Open mouth options, bases and habitat, crating and shipping are all extra and will be priced according to options selected. Prices are subject to change at any time. For all other projects not listed here, please contact us for a quote.

US orders only. Due to strict regulations pertaining to the sale and transport of wildlife products, we do not ship internationally.

Shoulder Mounts

    Pronghorn, Blackbuck:
    Oryx, Addax: $700
Aoudad: $700
Black Bear: $650
Boar (Mouth Closed/Open): $600/$750
Bobcat: $350
Coyote: $450
Elk: $900
Deer: $600

(Whitetail, Mule, Axis, Fallow, Sika)
Fox: $350
Javelina (Mouth Closed/Open): $450/$550
Lynx: $450
Mountain Lion: $500
Raccoon: $350
Ram / Goat / Sheep: $650
(Corsican, Catalina, Dall)

Red Deer: $900
Wolf: $500 

Lifesize Mounts

Badger: $600
Bobcat: $750
Black Bear: $500/LF
Coyote: $800
Deer: $2,000
(Whitetail, Mule, Axis, Fallow, Sika)
Fox: $650
Javelina: $800
Lynx: $750
Mink: $400
Mountain Lion: $2,000
Otter: $600
Opossum: $450
Porcupine: $600
Rabbit (Cottontail): $450
Rabbit (Jackrabbit): $500
Raccoon: $500
Ringtail Cat: $450
Skunk: $400
Squirrel: $300
Wolf: $2,000

Soft Mounts

Bobcat: $350

Fox: $350

Coyote: $400

Wolf: $600

Head only: 60% of soft mount price

*This is base pricing for soft mounts and assumes that you're providing me with a tanned, taxidermy quality hide. See Soft Mount Info for more information.

Antler / Horn Mounts

Antelope (Pronghorn, Blackbuck)

Flat: $175

Pedestal: $200

Deer (Whitetail, Mule, Axis, Fallow, Sika)

Flat: $150

Pedestal: $175

European / Skull Mounts

(Wood Panel Included)

Antelope (Pronghorn, Blackbuck):

$225 and up

Deer (Whitetail, Mule, Axis, Fallow, Sika):

$200 and up

Hog: $275

Ram: $250

Skull Cleaning (No Wood Panel): 

Antelope (Pronghorn, Blackbuck): $175

Deer: $150

Hog: $200 

Ram: $175

Bobcat, Fox, Coyote: $100

Other / Miscellaneous


Deer: $175

Bobcat, Fox, Raccoon: $200

Coyote: $250

Other: request quote

Open Mouth Option: $150 - $250

Rugs: same as lifesize

Velvet Preservation: $150 and up

Antler Repair: $20 per inch

Wall Pedestal: $100 or +20%

1/2 Lifesize: 70% of lifesize

Hide Pillows: $100 and up